The Story


Hello, and welcome to The Ragged Diamond! My heart sings knowing that you have made it here. What started as a simple way to pay my way through college has turned into a dream come true. With a sliver of artistic ability, a lot of hope and love, and so much encouragement the sky has become the limit for TRD.


In 2013 I was a freshman in college and took my very first marketing class. The entire semester consisted of writing a business plan that could actually sustain a real business. At that time I was dabbling in art, which is something I have always loved. I had to pay for school some how, and I didn’t want to wait tables. I began with the essentials deep down in my heart; lace, rhinestones, and a hot glue gun. Before I knew it, I was designing, hand making, and selling headbands. Fortunately, that one marketing class helped me understand how to get these gorgeous items in the eyes of people who sought after them.


As a hopeless romantic with no boyfriend, I was, and still am, mesmerized by love (fortunately, engaged now. Yay!). I found that the lace I was using for my headbands had beautiful uses in the wedding industry as well. Shortly after, I launched a full lace wedding garter line, which is still the fundamental backbone of TRD to this day. As the garters sold, I began designing new styles and actually partnering with companies that create appliques that are exclusive to TRD only. A couple years later, due to inquiry, I created matching sashes, flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, and hair accessories. These items still being designed and sewed by hand.


Fast forward to 2018, and a Christmas hobby turned into a second arm of TRD. Making soy candles as Christmas gifts has provided yet another way for me to spread love to the world. I have worked diligently this year designing and creating vegan soy candle favors for all types of events. It is really important to me to keep the “American Dream” alive. Hand made items are so scarce these days. My grandmother sewed all of my mothers clothing. My own mother sewed a great deal of my clothing and bedding. Being able to share this kind of tradition with the world is such an honor.


To think such a tiny seed has blossomed into the most beautiful and fulfilling dream is unbelievable, to say the least. What an amazing journey this has been. I am already itching to tell you about a few other exciting favor lines I will be adding in the winter (hopefully).


Thank you for taking the time to visit The Ragged Diamond. If you’d like to keep up with my crazy beautiful life, behind the scenes stories, and DIY ideas, head on over to The Ragged Diamond Blog. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments at theraggeddiamond@hotmail.com



The Mission 




All hand-made? What makes it better?


Yes, The Ragged Diamond carries over 600 wedding garter, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, sash, and candle styles and yes, all we do is fulfill orders; many times working until 2 AM or later. Other than myself, there is usually only one other individual creating these items.


After searching high and low, I have found the finest laces, satin, flowers, pearls, crystals, appliqués, and other embellishments. My candles consist of American made soy wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate free scented and essential oils. It is an honor to provide you with high quality handmade wedding accessories and candles that you love.


TRD’s mission is to design personalized event items and accessories to symbolize your style and sentiment. TRD items are created with love to leave you with a treasure you cannot find anywhere else.


The Client


Regardless off the occasion, your special day should be cherished and filled with beauty, so I recognize the need for perfection. I know you value your family, traditions, and personal style, which is why I want to work closely with you to create your perfect event additions. I want to provide you with everlasting memories of your special day to preserve and cherish these moments.